Papa’s Games are created by flash gaming development company.

Papa’s Games are created by flash gaming development company.

Papa’s Games are created by an American based flash gaming development company called Flipline Studios and have been around since 2004. In 2007 they came out with the first in a long line of games that relate to Papa Louie’s restaurant time-management style games. The first of these was called Papa’s Pizzeria which was released in August of that year. These games are available as a flash browser version or as an app version.

Flipline Studios have since expanded their game selection to include a vast array of both flash and app-style games. There are so many games to choose from including Papa’s Freezeria, Pizzeria, Sushiria, CupCakeria, Bakeria, Burgeria, Cheeseria, Donuteria, Hot Dogeria, Wingeria, PanCakeria, Taco Mia, Pastaria, Scooperia, and finally Papa Louie one, two, and three. Most of these games center on time management while creating and serving food. The objective is to take orders from customers and then deliver those customers with their precise order ensuring that they leave as a happy and satisfied customer.

The most popular example of their games is Papa’s Pizzeria. This particular is themed around a pizza establishment. The objective is to go through the entire pizzeria process by taking orders, and then preparing, baking, and cutting each pizza without making mistakes. The score is based upon the final product as well as the satisfaction of the customer. If the pizza is just right you will receive bonus points and tips from the customer. If the pizza is overdone, has the wrong amount of ingredients, or is improperly cut you will simply end up with a dissatisfied customer. The more customers that you get, the harder the levels will become.

Another popular choice of games is the Papa Louie series. While the other games center around taking orders, preparing, and then providing the customers with the perfect order, the Papa Louie games are a little different. In the game, When Pizzas Attack, Papa Louie has created a new type of pizza and to his shock, he discovers that these pizzas have come to life. He is then transported into another world where his objective is to make it safely to the other side while collecting pizza tokens and avoiding the pizza monsters. People that enjoy playing Mario Bros style games will also enjoy these games for they have a similar style of play. There are three versions of the game. The first is When Pizzas Attack, followed by When Burgers Attack, and then finally When Sundaes Attack.

Papa’s Games are easy to learn, fun to master, and enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. The games also load very fast and provide fun introductions and colorful animations. With the vast selection of restaurant and foods to prepare there is never a chance to get bored. In fact, these games can be quite addictive once you realize how much fun it is keeping your customers happy and getting all of those tips.