Game lovers get depressed less often.

Game lovers get depressed less often.

In this article, I want to inform you about positive nuances of playing online flash games. But first of all, you have to see a balance between real life and computer games.

So, let’s start with people’s mood. American scientists have proven that people who play computer games are happier than those who rest, reading books or growing vegetables near their houses. Game lovers get depressed less often; also, it is easy to communicate with them with different people.

We have repeatedly heard and read that it is a very harmful and even dangerous thing because it leads to dependence. And any dependence is a sign of psychological distress. So, we make sure that our children are not accustomed to computer games. However, even if, fortunately, they do not show signs of addiction by playing flash games, we are still dissatisfied. In our opinion, computer games are a senseless lesson, a waste of time that can be used much smarter.

However, the latest research of psychologists can completely dispel our fears and mistakes, radically changing some things about this topic. It shows us that things are not so bad. Sometimes they even very well, because flash online games make people happier.

The most important thing is that the risk of getting depression is much lower! Of course, everyone has the right to critically perceive information about the results of any research. However, I have no reason not to believe the American scientist, because nobody has proved the destructive impact of games on the emotional sphere of a person.

But I do not tell you about people who spend their whole life playing computer games. Of course, it is bad. I am interested in what happens to normal, adequate people when they play flash games.

The first thing why people have better mood playing computer games is that they feel like children. What is the main occupation in childhood, except to sleep, eat, and walk? Of course, they play games! When children play they learn the world, learn to live in it. Remember what kind of feeling you had when you were playing different games with your parents.